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Seaguar FluoroCarbon Shock Leader 24m
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Seaguar FluoroCarbon Shock Leader 24m

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$8.95 (including 10 % tax)

Japanese Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Each famous for specific he-performance line, from the inventor of Fluorocarbon line, Seaguar all the way through to the amazing performance characteristics of the new XDP style GT-R Ultra, we've got you catching fish. Remember Your Line Is The Critical link between you and the fish!

From the inventor and world leader in 100% fluorocarbon fishing line come Invisible Shock Leader by Kureha of Japan. Kureha controls every stage of the production, from raw materials through to the finished product. Nobody knows fluorocarbon and how to turn it into high quality fishing line like Kureha.

Seaguar™ fluorocarbon is preferred by professionals anglers the world over for its ultra low visibility, superior abrasion resistance, ultra high tensile and knot strength. Seaguar fluorocarbon is different than nylon leader material in that it is more impact and abrasion resistant, faster sinking, doesn't absorb water which improves knot strength over nylon lines that absorb water.

Seagaur is your top choice to team up with your GPS lines for spinning, or for natural presentation of baits for line shy fish.


4 1.88 0.165 24M
6 2.72 0.205 24M
8 3.62 0.235 24M
10 4.53 0.285 24M
12 5.44 0.33 24M
15 6.8 0.37 24M
20 9.07 0.405 24M
30 13.62 0.52 24M
40 18.14 0.62 24M
50 22.68 0.66 24M
80 36.3 0.91 15M
100 46 1.05 15M
150 68 1.38 15M


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