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VAC:RAC Multi Vac - Vacuum Rod Carrier
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VAC:RAC Multi Vac - Vacuum Rod Carrier

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$120.00 (including 10 % tax)
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VAC:RAC Multi Vac - Vacuum Rod Carrier

The original and the best vacuum rod rack since 1991

  • Manually activated vacuum. Fits all smooth vehicle surfaces - aluminium, steel, plastic,fiberglass or composite
  • Soft vacuum bases are gentle on vehicle finish
  • Rounded "T" bar and shock cords allow rods to be mounted at any angle, not just in line with the base
  • Holds up to 4 rods and reels
  • All racks are vacuum tested before delivery
  • Pillar mounted support for reel clearance
  • Fabric covered elastics secure rods while protecting rod finish
  • Hood/bonnet to roof mounting avoids the major cause of snapped rods - lifting hatchbacks, tailgates and doors



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