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Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Oil
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Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Oil

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Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Oil

Improper lubrication can cause a reel to under-perform, corrode or even fail in a short period of time. Not satisfied with the performance of off-the-shelf lubricants, our engineers worked with lubricant specialists to develop their own secret formula the call quantum Hot Sauce. Only available in Quantum Reels , this original oil has unique qualities not found in ordinary reel oils. Low viscosity levels yield a freer rotation of the baitcast spool. Tests have shown a baitcast spool treated with Quantum Hot Sauce accelerates to over 20,000RPM's on the cast and will free spin an extra 30% longer than the same spool with conventional oil. The secret is the additives. A special formula causes the oil to molecularly bond with the base metal, setting a permanent lubrication barrier on the metal surface that will never wear off, providing a permanent level of protection. Additional additives provide superior corrosion properties to protect the precision parts in saltwater environments. And the bright red colour gives a visual cue that the oil is precisely where it should be.


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