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Daiwa Certate LT
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Daiwa Certate LT

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Each time a new reel is released anglers are astonished by its lightness and smoothness of revolution. The original Certate, introduced in 2004, brought ground breaking technology with Real Four design, a combination that set standards for all Daiwa spinning reels from that time on. Its unparalleled engineering produced a flawless design that became the flagship for Daiwa. Until now. Introducing the all new Certate.

New innovations and unparalleled designs, it’s what you’ve come to expect from the world leader in fishing tackle.

Introducing MAG SEALED

The new Certate heralds a giant leap forward in design, revolving around one ground breaking material – magnetic fluid. Developed by NASA to magnetically deliver fuel to space ships, this technology has now been adapted to Daiwa’s latest flagship spinning reel.

Being magnetized this lubrication system avoids any friction and prevents dust intrusion, eliminating oil spray and significantly improving reel life expectancy.

The challenge for Daiwa was to utilise the inherent benefits of magnetic liquid in a reel design. We have – by combining innovative design and new CRBB bearings with a magnetic oil membrane making water intrusion a thing of the past.

Working in conjunction with Mag Seal the new Air Rotor stystem improves reel sensitivity and prevents foreign material such as water, salt, sand and dust collecting inside the reel preventing corrosion issues.

The innovation continues with the Real Four next generation in spinning reel technology including the new ABS11, the super smooth UTD drag system, Real Stopper anti reverse system and the tough, yet lightweight, Digigear drive.

Just when you thought Certate was the best you could buy, think again. The best has just got better!

Model Gear Ratio BBs Wt. (g) Drag (Kg) Spool Capacity
CERTATE 1003 4.8 (59cm) 9+1 195 2 2lb/130m, 3lb/100m, PE 0.3/120m, 0.4/100m
CERTATE 2000 4.8 (63cm) 9+1 230 4 6lb/190m, 8lb/150m, PE 1/200m, 1.5/150m
CERTATE 2004 4.8 (63cm) 9+1 220 2 3lb/140m, 4/100m, PE 0.4/120m, 0.6/100m
CERTATE 2500 4.7 (71cm) 9+1 245 7 8lb/200m, 12lb/150m, PE 1.5/200m, 2/150m
CERTATE 2506 4.8 (71cm) 9+1 230 3 4lb/170m, 6lb/100m, PE 0.8/140m, 1/110m
CERTATE 2500R 4.8 (71cm) 9+1 260 7 8lb/200m, 12lb/150m, PE 1.5/200m, 2/150m
CERTATE 3000 4.8 (71cm) 9+1 280 7 12lb/200m, 16lb/150m, PE 1.2/350m, 2/250m


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